The gambling traits player must avoid

Gambling addiction can occur whether the player is playing online or in a casino venue, at a horserace or soccer event, accompanied by friends, or alone. Although online gambling addiction has distinctive features, comprehensively, these standards are not a critical determinate of diagnosing pathological gambling. When a player shows five traits or more, then he is considered a pathological gambler.

Symptoms of gambling addiction

The person remains in the wonderland of gambling, mulling previous gaming experience, or planning future actions. He may start planning how to fund the bankroll for gambling. The player begins spending beyond the means to achieve the desired level of excitement and success. All endeavors to quit or reduce gambling activities fail. The player feels restless when he tries to quit gambling. Wagering becomes a venue to vent out depression, anxiety and temporarily elevates the mood of the player. Despite the recurring loss, the player chase loss to convert it into gain; the attempts are futile and drag him further down. The player starts lying to family members, friends, therapists to cover the loss of time spent on gambling. There is significant deterioration in a relationship, job, or educational pursuit, as gambling becomes a major part of his lifestyle.

If a player an entire evening in a land-based casino, someone will likely notice his peers, friends, or family members.

 In contrast, a player can spend hours at 918kiss 2021 online casino at work, home, and even on a smartphone. It is difficult to find the person who is gambling. Formulating a strategy to avoid gambling is a crucial part of the rehabilitation program. With online gambling avoiding the temptation is more difficult; every smartphone, every desktop with an internet connection is a virtual casino.  918kiss 2021 download app makes the mobile a virtual casino; betting is always a swipe away.

The player can instantly access the bank account in online betting, making chasing loss or impulsive gambling easy. In brick and mortar casinos, the player has to withdraw money from a bank or ATM to gamble further. The free-to-play game version is another tempting factor for problem gamblers. The main aim of this free-to-play version is to make comfortable new players with casino games before they stake with real money. The odds in this version are too favorable towards players, but the scene suddenly changes when they start betting with real money. The players develop skewed perspectives while playing with play money. The odds always favor the house when real money is staked.