Tilting when playing live poker

While playing Poker Online, you need to know more about tilt as it is not one of the positive assets while playing poker online. While it is prevalent while playing online, that is something that has also been known to cause losses in live poker also.

When sitting at a live poker table, it will be apparent when one of the opponents you have is tilting. There are some who will start cursing, making bets that are violent, or deciding to stay quiet and make it clear that they want to be left alone.

Though it becomes easy to identify whenever your opponent is on tilt, it is not easy to realize when you are the one playing without having any emotional control. Needless to say, when you lack control over your emotions, then it might be enough in bleeding a bankroll dry.

Before knowing the causes of a tilt while playing live poker, and ways in which you need to solve it, you will need to take a look at some of the well-known and best like poker pros. Patrik Antonios and Phil Ivey are well known live poker players. They are two of the staples and main stays when it comes to poker, especially the one that is televised. There are big winners in any given game which they participate in and they have the same characteristics.

Professionals of poker

The most notable skill when it comes to the professional poker players has nothing to do with the game but with the ability they have in remaining collected and calm all the times which sets them truly apart from the rest of the competition.

 It is not a secret that the top level players in live poker control their emotions and it could be the primary reason for the positive win rates. You can as well analyze other players and you will come to the same results. They always tend to keep their emotions in check.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who know Mike Matusow know that he is among the poker players who is wild, irrational, and mostly out of control in whatever game. And it should not be any coincidence that he is known to be long term loser in cash games for high stake. He is one that is mostly broke than having money that is overflowing.

He might not be the only player in live poker that has emotional control problems who loses; Tony G. Both and Phil Hellmuth are the foster children of outburst with both of them beign major loses in high stake poker games. If you want to utilize real life examples of players who have been affected with tilts, in live poker, then it becomes quite detrimental to your own success, then you should check out the three aforementioned.

Once you are able to understand all that, then it becomes easy to understand tilting and to know how to go about it.

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