Why Gambling Is Still Considered A Taboo


Gambling. Have you ever asked yourself what Gambling is? Well, I am sure everyone has their discernment. For centuries gambling has been an integral part of our culture. One of the most ancient practices of the world. It was first spotted in Japan dating back to 14th century,  but has been illegal there from over a century now.

If you think about it, We all have gambled in some way or the other. The most innocent example, trading our desires with God. Please God, Help me pass my exam, I’ll light ten candles, reminds anything? All of us have ventured or sprung faith, in our life. Isn’t

It what gambling is. Betting as some call it, can be defined as placing a winning bet on a certain event by putting money or something of value that can have an unknown outcome. Not that complex to understand.

Why So Much Negativity Around The Word?

Betting is considered reckless and unreasonable. Uncertainty and lack of regulations around the world of gambling can very well be the main reason why gambling attracts so much criticism. Several big groups of society are divided on the issue based on different reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why so much hate:

  1. Frauds and Complications: As in any sport there always a chance of fraudulent rigging activities that can affect the very essence of gambling. Uncertain result.
  2. Addiction or Problem Gambling: This might be the only reason that seems logical to many. But isn’t this with anything that you do on impulse?
  3. Criminal Activity: Society links criminals to gambling without much ado. Think stereotypical TV characters with fictional mob leaders who often launder money through casinos and commit heinous crimes.
  4. Religious Factors: Religion always stays biased. Doesn’t keep anyone free, isn’t it? Does keeping betting forbidden justifies their views on the trading business. Though similar risk and stakes.
  5. Unworldly Lifestyle: How the world sees gamblers? Uneducated, Dirty, lazy, Filthy, flawed, and unsophisticated. If it hadn’t been for Bond movies, the world would have never seen it in a better light. But remember even in those it’s surrounded by criminals. Funny!

Religion And Gambling:

Every religion across the world put gambling in a bad light by calling it the most dangerous for humanity. Bible lists it as a sin by writing it as “You cannot serve both God and Money” Several religions have their mythological beliefs and stories to support their condemn. The Quran-e-sharif, an Islamic religious book considers it as Haram. Leave alone religious community, Hollywood blockbuster stories put gambling to blame for those horror knockoffs.


No matter how much hatred pours out gambling will always have this love and hate relationship with humanity. Humans have mastered the art of ignorance and bliss. No matter how much wrath of words is said against gambling and the business, not many seem to be affected by the same. Check out the top 10 ways to gamble at https://www.thedrafthorsempls.com/

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